After learning much about the platform and achieving great success with our Jigsaw Puzzle Instant Game, my team embarked on porting another Mobilityware classic-- Blackjack. In line with the social nature of the platform, we designed the game with a robust multiplayer tournament mode and challenging single player mode to satisfy players of all types.

UI Design
Like Jigsaw, I had a lot of premade UI assets at my disposal and a general aesthetic to shoot for, but the original files were formatted for iOS native export, and many had to be recreated or optimized. There was also a good deal of brand new UI for features that did not exist in the native app, and I took this opportunity to refine a few UX kinks that were also present in the original game. The result was a game that looked on brand, with sleeker updated graphics and a more streamlined experience.
Classic Blackjack made more interesting by introducing a single player mode with level progression, multiplayer Tournament mode, and the ability to invite friends to live Tournaments via Facebook Rich Messages.
UX Design
I created these wireframes in Adobe Illustrator and was able to iterate very quickly and mock up every screen in the game by using linked files. Using these mockups, I documented the entire flow of the game in Confluence where we as a team were able to visualize the game and make adjustments/course correct.
Rich Messages are an important aspect of Instant Games, as they one of the primary drivers of retention and socialization between players. Friends can challenge each other, the game can notify players about new tournaments, and graphics can be dynamically generated to create things like leaderboards or brags.