My name is Tiffany Smart, and I'm a UI/UX designer located in Orange County, CA. I specialize in crafting beautiful and intuitive video game interfaces at lightning speed, while anticipating and solving problems on both the artistic front and in technical implementation.


Marvel Snap
Mobile Collectible Card Game
LEGO Hidden Side
Mobile AR Game
Mischief Cat Projects
Story-Driven Mobile Puzzle Games
Hot Streak Slots
Mobile Social Casino Game
Flux Link
Facebook Instant Game
Facebook Instant Game
Jigsaw Puzzle
Facebook Instant Game
Katy Perry Pop
Casual Free-to-Play Mobile Game
MX Rivals
Unreleased MX Racing Mobile Game

Game Jams + Concepts

Game Jams
Unreleased Game Jam Projects
Overwatch Ideas
UI Improvement + Feature Ideas
Game Concepts
UI + Art Concepts for New Games

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