MX Rivals

Racing Rivals was the bread and butter of Glu Long Beach, well known for their racing franchises. MX Rivals was created in the same vein, this time featuring motocross bike racing on a "straight rhythm," or straight track with hills and valleys. Just as in real life, riders must take care to match the angle of their bikes to the angle of the hills they land on to maximize their speed and flow. Long time motocross champion Travis Pastrana was licensed to be the face of the game, acting as mentor to the player's character.
UI Design
Much of the UX and meta systems stayed the same from Racing Rivals to minimize engineering effort, but I did create a new UI style more in line with Motocross rather than Racing Rivals' sleek street racing theme. I chose a graphic style with gritty elements and pops of green, as well a generally masculine look for fonts and presentation.
Equipment Flow
One flow that did not translate directly from Racing Rivals was in purchasing equipment for your rider. In Racing Rivals, purchased items overwrote your current equipment, and we needed to account for an increasing rather than an overwritten inventory.