Game Jam Projects

2015 - Present
While working at Mobilityware, I participated in a couple of company-wide game jams that were put on every winter. Anyone in the studio could write a pitch, which was then presented at a company all-hands, and everyone in the studio was allowed to choose the project(s) they wanted to work on for the rest of the week. I love fast-paced projects and these game jams often pushed me to the limit, creating UX, UI, and doing all the UI tech artwork within a strict timeframe. Even though these are game jame games, they often ended up being very polished, complete with UI animations and particle work.
Guardians of the Grove
Guardians of the Grove is a deck building game modeled after Slay the Spire. Set in a fantasy world filled with fairies, the player can choose between two main characters before starting their journey. After each battle, players are given a random selection of 3 options: to add a new card to their deck, discard a card, heal, or collect an item. After 10 trials of battle, the boss fight begins, and the player's success highly depends on how they've groomed their deck, how well they can read the boss's moves, and what items they've managed to collect.
Between trials, the player is given random choices. Within choices, there can sometimes be branching paths. In this example, the player has chosen to heal, but they are given the option to take an item instead of restoring their HP.
Results screen showing 3 card options for the player to add to their deck. Although we didn't have time to implement it, I wanted players to be able to see their whole current deck in this screen so they could see how well a new card would mesh with it.
Boba Pop
Boba Pop is a cute bubble shooter game with a Japanese tea house and boba drink theme. The producer for this game jam project was our social media marketer who was in touch with the owners of Lollicup, a local boba tea shop, and she really wanted us to partner with them so that players could earn drinks from the shop from playing the game. I created and implemented all the UI, as well as worked with the producer to help her flesh out the powerup game design.